Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Police Corruption

This is Why to vote AGAINST Dallas D.A. Craig Watkins:
My wife and I were on our honeymoon in December 2009 when she got a call from a local cable company that she owed $300 on a previous bill before she could open an account for us to get cable tv service at our new residence in Richardson, Texas (Dallas County). As she had never had service with them, we visited the address given to us by the cable company and met the residents whom we did not know and were not very helpful. My wife, a Certified Public Accountant, then researched to find what else had been taken. She found that one of her business clients, a restaurant, had $7600 stolen via computer-based identity theft. 
Evidence shows that her ex-husband had illegally transferred funds to their credit card accounts using routing numbers from cancelled bank checks at their old house. Due to their recent divorce her credit cards had been closed, unknown to her ex-husband. She got all her client's money reversed back to their account, but they pressed charges anyway for embezzlement with the Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins in Garland, Texas attempting to get her C.P.A. license revoked. 
Due to the police report and other evidence, she was "no-billed" by the Grand Jury in April 2010 but, according to her attorney, the D.A.’s Specialized Crimes Division wanted "another crack" at the case. She was unnecessarily re-tried with no new evidence in July 2010 and was "true-billed" by a second Grand Jury. 
This time, Assistant D.A. Rick Watson stated his “personal opinion regarding the credibility of a witness”, my wife. He noted that there were now two different Richardson Police reports (dated February 2010 and June 2010) falsely stating that my wife changed the February 2010 report. This report remains safely in our possession and forensic testing will show its verity.
The report was changed in May 2010 at the direction of the Assistant D.A. or Garland Police who are served free meals at this restaurant, as my wife and others witnessed since she worked there as a waitress from September through October 2009. The second police report also contains information obtained by the Garland Police. The Richardson Police also has no computer-logged record of my wife submitting her Driver’s License to obtain the paper printout report at 3:51pm on February 22, 2010 (although the lobby security video will prove that she was there and obtained the report).
Due to this indictment, my wife will have to go to trial in February 2011 and her attorney needs a $25,000 retainer soon. Any and all help is appreciated. Please email us to contribute to her legal defense fund at stoppolicecorruption@gmail.com.
Assistant D.A. Rick Watson (and by extension D.A. Craig Watkins) has engaged “in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice” (American Bar Association Rule 8.4(d) of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct). Rick Watson should be disbarred and Craig Watkins should be voted out of office.